Publish Your Book

Publish Your Book

Do YOU want to be a published author?

Written a memoir, children’s book, cookbook, or a novel and want to see it published?

Been turned down by multiple agents and publishing companies and about to give up on your dream of becoming an author?

I can help.

No doubt, you’ve seen lots of advertisements from “publishing companies”, promising to publish your book and make it available across multiple platforms. You’ve seen them on Facebook, on blogs, in newspapers…You’ve probably even seen them on television. Sure, you’ve been interested, but you just haven’t had the hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars that thy charge to get your book in print.

Here’s a little secret that I want to share with you…

You can publish a book and make it available on Amazon without it costing you a single dime.

Yep, that’s true.

Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t things that you shouldn’t spend money on along the way (and I’ll get to them) but you should NEVER have to pay a “publishing company” half of your live savings to get your book out.

Self-publishing used to get a bad rap. The fact is, however, more and more authors are turning to it. Even well-established authors who have contracts with the “big” companies are beginning to buy back their rights and re-publish their books themselves.

So what are some of the incentives of self-publishing?

    • More creative control
    • Greater percentage of royalties
    • Monthly payments instead of quarterlies
    • Shorter waits between releases
  • Faster publication dates

If you’re like how I used to be, you may find the idea of self-publishing to be daunting. And, to be honest, there’s quite a bit involved in the setup. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, though. Formatting your book, outsourcing it to editors and cover designers, creating accounts on the different online selling platforms, uploading your manuscript, and even marketing your book are ALL things that you can do yourself-they’re things that ANYONE can do!

And I am here to walk you through each step.

I had a publishing contract with a big house. I had an agent. I had a contract.

Still, my writing career wasn’t going anywhere.

So, I gave it all up.

I wound up teaching myself the business from the ground up.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve sold more than 500,000 books. I was able to quit my full-time job in 2014 and be a full-time writer. I’ve had more than 20 books published in four different genres, and ALL of my books have been #1 on Amazon in their genres. 17 of my books have been “hot new releases”.

With this publishing course, I’ll start at the very beginning with you and walk you through every step of the process.

You’ll learn how to:

Format your manuscript for paperback and digital sales

Legally use song lyrics and quotes in your book

Create accounts for online platforms such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and more

Learn how to get your book in libraries and bookstores

Create a good cover design

Know when to outsource

Find good editors to work with (and know the difference between the various types of editing)

Create groups of beta readers and how to send out advanced review copies

Find good keywords that will help your book sell!

Upload your manuscript to the various platforms

Sell your book at festivals and book signings

Purchase ISBNs (and knowing if you need one)

Find free programs online to help you write, illustrate, and sell your book

Create promos, Amazon ads, and more!

I can’t guarantee that you’ll sell a million copies. I wish I could. I have to be honest, though, and say that much of your success will depend upon YOU. What I CAN do, however, is get you set up and started so that you have a chance.

So are you ready to publish your book? Are you ready to take creative control of your own work?

Let’s go!


**You may access the course materials from your own computer at any time. You’ll have unlimited access to all videos, worksheets, and PDFs AND you’ll have 24/7 access to me via messenger and e-mail.**