Sarah’s House: A Paranormal Mystery

Sarah’s House: A Paranormal Mystery

Sarah’s House: A Paranormal Mystery

Sarah's house was calling to her. She should have stayed away.

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About the Book

Everyone called it a “money pit.” Instead of selling her aunt’s rambling old house, however, after a string of bad luck Taryn decided to live in it while she fixed it up. After all, she’d never met an old house she didn’t like.

Nothing could have prepared her for the horror that awaited.

As Taryn finds herself caught in a grip of terror and madness, the truth that has been buried in the house for more than a century slowly begins to unravel. Her camera has revealed the past to her, but it’s more than ghosts that haunt Sarah’s old house–it’s evil itself.

Nobody can help Taryn out of this mess–not the ghost hunters, local law enforcement, or even her best friend and sidekick, Matt. Everyone is worried as Taryn begins to shut herself off from the rest of the world, obsessed with the house and its history as she’s determined to come to grips with the ghostly figures that roam the hallways, the truths beneath the lies she slowly reveals, and the futile cries in the night.

And they should be worried. Because this is one place Taryn might never escape.

Series: Taryn's Camera, Book 9
Genres: paranormal, suspense
ISBN: 1544965753

List Price: 13.00
eBook Price: 2.99
""this was probably my favorite of the series."
– Amazon reviewer
"I don't think I have ever read such a wonderful series of books"
– Ladybear, Amazon reviewer
"I love Taryn's Camera Series. This is the best series ever."
– Marigrah60, Amazon reviewer
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