Griffith Tavern: A Paranormal Mystery

Griffith Tavern: A Paranormal Mystery

Griffith Tavern: A Paranormal Mystery

Griffith Tavern is abandoned, but there’s something alive within the crumbling walls and it’s been waiting for Taryn for nearly 100 years…

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About the Book

Taryn’s camera can see the past, but sometimes the past should remain buried. The hauntings and ghosts are only the beginning of what Taryn sees!

A former stagecoach inn, Griffith Tavern in rural Indiana has seen its share of history. Now, however, the abandoned building will almost surely be demolished in the name of progress. When the Friends of Griffith Tavern hire artist Taryn Magill to come in and do one last painting she assumes it will be a quick, easy job. But she was wrong.

Something is watching Taryn, and waiting…Something that slithers in the dark and clutches at her, even invading her dreams.

The inn’s mistress, Permelia, ran the tavern alone for almost 50 years was well-respected. Nobody fears Griffith Tavern or its ghost stories. But maybe they should…

In death, Permelia seems to want something from Taryn and she won’t let her go until she’s made sure Taryn understands. Now that her camera is showing her the past, Taryn knows the answers to the haunted tavern are close at hand. But solving this mystery may just cost Taryn her life! It might be too late to save the spooky old building, but is it too late to save Taryn?

Series: Taryn's Camera, Book 2
Genres: paranormal, suspense
Publisher: Mistletoe Press
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 336
ISBN: 1502833727
List Price: 12.99
eBook Price: 2.99
an absolute pleasure to read. A book that I couldn't wait to get back to.
– Amazon reviewer
Gripping hard to put done book
– Nicholas Strauser, Amazon reviewer
a truly unusual ghost story
– Amazon reviewer
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