Dark Hollow Road: A Paranormal Mystery

Dark Hollow Road: A Paranormal Mystery

Dark Hollow Road: A Paranormal Mystery

A teenage girl is missing and Taryn's camera is showing her a haunted past she NEVER wanted to see...

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About the Book

When your camera can see the past, it’s a history lover’s dream! Historical mysteries never seemed so alive, and solvable. But sometimes the past should stay buried. The hauntings and ghosts are only the beginning of what Taryn sees!

Beautiful Cheyenne Willoughby had her whole life ahead of her. But her 18th birthday, she simply vanished, rocking her small Georgian town to the core. Now, artist and haunted house lover Taryn Magill has moved onto the very farm where Cheyenne spent her last night. She went there to teach a class at the local college, but her job takes a completely different turn when she’s thrown into the middle of Cheyenne’s mysterious disappearance.

Armed with her camera that can see the past, Taryn aims to find out what happened to Cheyenne once and for all. Is the young girl still out there, trying to find her way home? Or did she succumb to some horrible fate? As Taryn finds herself more and more entrenched in the mystery of Cheyenne’s disappearance, she begins unraveling the secrets of the rural southern town.

The spirits here are restless, but it might be the living she must fear the most!

Series: Taryn's Camera, Book 3
Genres: paranormal, suspense, Thriller
ISBN: 1508867666
List Price: 11.99
eBook Price: 2.99
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