Author Rebecca Patrick-Howard

Rebecca Patrick-Howard is a native of Wolfe County, Kentucky. She grew up on the campus of Hazel Green Academy and later attended Belmont University in Nashville and Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky. She holds undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Appalachian Studies.

For several years, Rebecca worked as a travel writer; backpacking around Europe (mostly) with a couple of bags, guide books, and maps. During those years, she explored Bosnia, Croatia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy (amongst other places). She once took a train to Lichtenstein and paid to get a stamp on her passport just to say she’d been there.

Her love of the paranormal began as a child when she would listen to her grandmother tell her terrifying tales of witches, ghosts, and goblins before bedtime and during thunderstorms. After living in a few questionable houses, she began writing her own ghost stories at the age of 10 (they’re really bad, by the way).

While studying for her MA in Religious Experience (some of her friends thought she was going to become an exorcist and were sorely disappointed in the truth) in Wales, she met her future husband, Peter. She considers him her finest, and most expensive, souvenir. The two of them live in eastern Kentucky high on a windy ridge with their two living children. (A third passed away from SIDS in 2010.)

Rebecca also suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a progressive genetic disorder that affects her soft tissue. She works to raise awareness for the condition, as well as for Chiari Malformation, which caused her to have her first brain surgery in 2012. Although both EDS and Chiari can be debilitating and neither have a cure, Rebecca works hard to maintain a positive attitude and continue trucking along. Neither condition has managed to slow her down!

For links to Rebecca’s books, as well as a brief synopsis of each one, visit her Books page.

Rebecca is the author of several paranormal-theme books including:

Haunted Estill County
More Tales from Haunted Estill County
Haunted Madison County (coming November 30, 2015)
A Summer of Fear
Two Weeks: The True Story of a Haunting 
Four Months of Terror: The True Story of a Family’s Haunting
Haunted: Ghost Children (an anthology with 6 other authors) 
The Maple House (written as Jeanie Dyer)

The Kentucky Witches series

Nothing Says Lovin’ Like Something from the Coven (coming soon)
A Broom with a View 
A Broom of One’s Own 

and the paranormal mystery series, Taryn’s Camera:

Windwood Farm
Griffith Tavern
Dark Hollow Road 
Shaker Town
Jekyll Island
Taryn’s Pictures: Photos From Taryn’s Camera
Black Raven Inn 
Sarah’s House 
Bloody Moor
Muddy Creek 

Other books:

Finding Henry: A Journey into Eastern Europe
Coping with Grief: The Anti-Guide to Infant Loss
Estill County in Pictures 
Furnace Mountain: Or, the Day President Roosevelt Came to Town



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