Saving Stubby

Saving Stubby

Meet Stubby, our brain-damaged, partially blind, special needs kitten.


Stubby was born to a neighborhood stray. We heard the cries and when I found the kittens, the mother had committed feline infanticide on one of them (one of the most traumatic things I’ve ever seen). On Stubby, she’d bit the tail off all the way down to the muscles on its little backside. I imagine that she would have done more, but I took the kitten away from her before she could.

Because Stubby was so little (6 grams) and wounded (the bleeding lasted for quite some time), we didn’t expect it to live through the day. I bottle fed it some kitten formula, though, and it seemed to eat well. Another neighborhood stray had suffered a stillborn just the day before. We brought her in, gave her a comfortable box, and wound up placing Stubby with her to see if she’d take to the little feller and she did. She immediately began cleaning him off and feeding him.

When it became apparent that Stubby was a real fighter and might just make it, we took him to the vet the following morning. He was treated there with wound cleaning, laser treatment, etc. The vet feels that, with proper care, his prognosis is good.

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