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Rebecca’s Books

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Taryn’s Camera Paranormal Mystery Series

Meet 30-year-old Taryn Magill, an artist who recreates historical, and often run down, buildings through her paintings. She can also SEE the past through the lens of her beloved camera, Miss Dixie. Together, they work to solve the mysteries of the places they visit-sometimes with the extra help of the dead. The hauntings and poltergeists are only the beginning of what they find! A little crime noir, a little mystery, a little paranormal-and a whole lot of fun!



True Haunting Series

What’s scarier than a ghost and a haunted house? A TRUE ghost story and a REAL haunted house!


Kentucky Witches

She’s your average witch next door. It’s a town so small it doesn’t even have a Walmart. When she comes to Kudzu Valley, neither will ever be the same again!



Haunted Kentucky

The ghosts are alive in Kentucky, and these are their stories…



Superstition Mountain

Coming soon…