Welcome to the Publishing Course!

Welcome to the Publishing Course!


I’m glad you’re here!

To kick things off, I wanted to share a few things about ME
and some of the success that I’ve had along the way.

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My first book came out in 2004. Back then, there were few venues in which to advertise online. We didn’t have ereaders, although some of us downloaded our books onto CDs and sold them at venues like that. People were VERY suspicious of the idea but we managed to talk a few into giving it a try!

In 2004, online marketing was basically limited to your blog, other people’s blogs, and the “also bought” features on Amazon. There was far less competition then but there are also far more opportunities today so it kind of evens out!

Between my pen name and my real name, I’ve written and published more than 20 books. Although some did better than others, they ALL contribute to my monthly income-an income that has reached as much
​as $15,000 a month.

But don’t worry, I certainly didn’t start out that way!!

In 2013, I set one single goal for myself:

I wanted to sell one book every day. That’s it. It could be a paperback, a Kindle, one that I sold in person to my neighbor…If I could sell one a day then I knew I’d have “made it.”

After about a month, however, I had to revise that plan. Because there were some 0 sales’ days, I decided to keep it at an average, ha ha.

That first year, I earned around $400 and, you know what? I thought that was AWESOME!

But I wanted more…

None of the things that seemed to work for other people, however, seemed to work for ME. I was frustrated. I also made a ton of marketing mistakes, especially where ads were concerned.


Tune in now and we’ll talk about how I was able to reach the point where I am at today and some of the mistakes that I made (so that YOU don’t have to)!


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