Amazon Ads Course

Amazon Ads Course

Are you tired of spending a ton of money on promotions, book blogs, boosting and sponsoring posts, and Fiverr promos, only to find that you’re not keeping any traction you gain?

Looking for a marketing campaign that, once up and going, runs like a well-oiled machine? 
Amazon ads are about as passive as you can get in the world of book marketing and I’m going to walk you through some of the ways that you can set them up and KEEP them producing results for you.
What Will I Cover?

  • finding keywords that actually work
  • keeping the cost low yet lucrative
  • marketing blurbs that get attention
  • testing, testing, testing
  • “My ad is great, but nobody’s clicking!”
  • “I’m dead broke but still want to play”
  • “Should I run it quickly or spread it out?
  • when a keyword isn’t working
  • passive advertising for those who don’t have the time
  • the difference between Book Bub ads and promos
  • targets that get the best return
  • outside tools that make a difference
  • How your Author Central page can help
  • using your book description to your advantage
Now, you’ve probably already realized that everyone and their brother has an online course out there today. Everyone’s a guru. So why am I different? What can I offer that others can’t (besides a lower cost)?

Who am I and why should YOU care?

I’ve spent the past 4 years earning a livable income as a full-time author. I average $7,000 per month but occasionally reach as high as $15,000. I’ve done this ALL by using my own marketing system and publicity tactics. 


My new releases regularly receive between 500-1,500 pre-orders.


11 of my books have reached #1 in their categories-at full price and without having to do
​ANY promos!



The majority of my books have moved to the top of their “Hot New Releases” lists-without having to launch at $0.99. 


Even after having been out for several years, my books still occasionally move back up to the #1 spot-with ZERO advertising other than Amazon Ads!



I have out more than 20 books and have written fiction and nonfiction in several different categories. 



I’ve been doing this for 14 YEARS…



So, who can benefit from this
​Amazon ads course?

Anyone who has…

★ Spent more than they had on promos, blog tours, Facebook campaigns, & marketing assistants, only to find that the results are temporary
★ Always wanted to earn a living as a working author but, so far, can barely cover the cost of their editor and cover artist
★ Wanted to spend more on marketing their books but just doesn’t have the money
★ Wanted to break out of the “pack” of others in their genre and stand out
Wanted to create an ongoing marketing campaign that doesn’t take a lot of maintenance
Self-publishing used to have a major stigma attached to it but, lo, the times they are a’changing. Self-publishing these days is the BEST way to have total control over every aspect of your writing and business. YOU are the boss of your books! You get to decide the cover design, the editors you work with, the release dates, the number of titles in your series and who gets advanced readers’ copies.
You also have total control over your marketing campaigns. That can be daunting!

scared photo
Perhaps you tried Amazon ads in the past and didn’t see a single sale. Maybe you LOST money! Trust me, I’ve been there. I tried them for an entire year without getting a return on my investment. I was fed up with them, swore I wouldn’t try them again. I didn’t have the money to spend on anyone’s courses (I mean, I did if I wanted to skip my car payment that month but that didn’t feel wise) and there seemed to be conflicting advice out there about what worked.
Still, a glutton for punishment, I decided to try one more thing…


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Now, Amazon ads are my primary form of advertising. 

I haven’t paid a promo service in over a year.
What if YOU could sell books without spending a ton of time and money on advertising?
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Is there a gimmick to what you do? 

In other words, is there a shortcut? Nope. What I am going to show you is how to find the keywords that matter, how to target the people who are actually buying your kind of books, how to tweak your numbers, and what to do when you reach a plateau. There is actual work involved but you’ll find a rhythm to it, and I’ll help you find that as well.
Are you legit?

 As of December 2017, readers have downloaded more than 500,000 copies of my books. I’ve been earning a living as an author, and nothing else, since 2014.
Will this work for me? 

The tips and walk-throughs that I provide WILL work. However, there are sometimes outside issues that can cause a book not to sell. We’re going to talk about those, however, and try to help you overcome those as well.
I write nonfiction. Will this work for me? 

This course is designed for both fiction and nonfiction authors.
When does the course start? 

Once you’ve paid the fee, you can access the course materials at any time.
Can I trust you? 

I’ve been doling out advice on self-publishing forums for several years now.  I also work as a consultant and publishing coach and have helped hundreds of authors over the years. Search for me on some of the FB groups, especially Pat Flynn’s groups, and you’re bound to find me.
What if I don’t like what I get? 

I cover a lot of material in this course and try to hit all the big questions and issues. If you’re unhappy with the material, however, then contact me within 30 days and I will refund your fee.
How long will I be able to access the course? 

You’ll be able to access it whenever you want and for however long you want. I will also add templates, PDFs, and videos from time to time so there will be a consistent flow of material beyond what you’re paying for now.
Why is YOUR course so cheap?

Because, if you’re anything like I was, you want to invest whatever limited money you have into your marketing. When I was first starting out, I didn’t have a shoestring budget-it was more like twine and sticky tape! I want you to start investing in your marketing campaigns. 

Stop throwing your money away on things that don’t work. Get your book NOT just in front of random people but in front of people who will actually BUY it!