Two Weeks: A True Haunting

Two Weeks: A True Haunting

Two Weeks: A True Haunting

Do you believe in ghosts? Neither did Laura's family...until they moved into the old farm house in the country

About the Book

The old house on the outskirts of town was the perfect fit for Laura and her large family. With plenty of bedrooms for everyone, a big yard, and the best climbing tree they’d ever seen, she and her sisters couldn’t wait to get moved in.

It didn’t take long for the house to reveal its secrets.

The entire family was targeted as something evil lurked between the walls and threatened to tear them apart. In the two weeks the family lived in the house they battled physical attacks from unseen assailants, spiritual attacks on their articles of devotion throughout the house, and even demonic possession.

And then, of course, there was the thing in the basement-the thing that nobody wanted to talk about.

Was the house reliving its torrid past or are some houses just born evil? Laura’s family was about to find out in the worst way!

In this incredible true story of a family living a horrible nightmare in central Kentucky, if you weren’t a believer in the paranormal before, you might just change your mind.

Series: True Hauntings, Book 3
Genres: paranormal, suspense, true haunting
ISBN: 1517366445
List Price: 10.99
eBook Price: 2.99
a surprisingly eventful, suspenseful, and wonderfully spine tingling (and SCARY) little read
– Amazon reviewer
The author writes like she is talking to you and telling you a great ghost story around the campfire. Loved it!!!
– Randy Ryan, Amazon reviewer
it packs a punch and in fact it actually scared me sh*tless.
– Carla T, Amazon reviewer
Rebecca Patrick Howard's combination of paranormal research and historical fact finding creates the perfect authentic ghost story. From the moment that I turned to the first page, Two Weeks had me locked into the story until the very end. Historical facts, vivid depictions, and a haunting so disturbing that you will feel transported into the scenes of this story! ~L. Sydney Fisher, International Bestselling Author of The Haunting of Natalie Bradford