The Visitors: A True Haunting

The Visitors: A True Haunting

The Visitors: A True Haunting

The whole town said the old, abandoned mansion was haunted, but the Sanders family didn’t care. They didn’t believe in ghosts…but they would.

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About the Book

Named for the row of weeping willows that lined the driveway,Willow Terrace was the most well-known house in the county. With its sweeping views, wraparound porches, and fourteen rooms it was the kind of place that was coveted. Built in the mid-nineteenth century, it was also one of the old houses in town. Stained windows, intricate wood carvings, and a winding staircase straight out of the movies–

So why had it been empty for so long?

The Sanders family had been watching the house for most of their lives. As a teenager, Piper had sworn she would own the house one day. When their small business began taking off, they finally had the chance to buy Willow Terrace and begin fixing up the sad, neglected place.

They’d brushed off those rumors and stories they’d heard, tales of ghostly figures that appeared in windows, cries in the middle of the night, objects that flew across rooms… Ghosts weren’t real, right?

Piper and Larry were about to take a journey into the world of the supernatural–a journey they’d never forget. They’d soon learn they weren’t the only ones living in their new house.

And that their unearthly visitors might not be happy for the intrusion. Secret passageways, underground tunnels, an invisible child, demonic rituals, and a town’s haunting mystery…had they bitten off more than they could chew? Now the Sanders’ family faced a difficult choice: make a run for it or stay and fight for the house they’d invested everything in.

Based on a true story.

Series: True Hauntings, Book 5
Genres: paranormal, true haunting
ISBN: 1540332276

List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 2.99
"Great for fans of true haunted house stories."
– Clydeandbettylou,Amazon reviewer
"Rebecca's books never fail to creep me out"
– Amazon reviewer
"I enjoy all of RPH's books because she is simply a master of description. Her stories are smoothly written and conversational. I enjoy every single book written by this wonderful author!"
– Denise Spring, Amazon reviewer
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