The Maple House: A True Haunting

The Maple House: A True Haunting

The Maple House: A True Haunting

It was meant to be their dream home, the big house on the mountain with the beautiful porches, soaring ceilings, and views of the surrounding countryside. It turned into a parent's worst nightmare.

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About the Book

Updated 9/15 to include new photographs.

For two years the Dyer family lived in a house of mysteries. Bewildering car trouble, sudden medical problems, unexplained noises, ghostly music in the night, swarming insects, and peculiar orbs were just the beginning and could all be rationally explained.

When the Dyer’s son is attacked and the life of their youngest is taken, however, Jeanie starts to wonder if her family is being targeted by something supernatural and sinister.

In this short book based on a true story, Jeanie narrates her family’s time at the Maple House and the experiences that even a popular paranormal television show wanted to document. They thought it would be their dream home…

The nightmares still plague the family today…

Series: True Hauntings, Book 3
Genres: paranormal, suspense, true haunting
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Mistletoe Press
Publication Year: 2014
eBook Price: 2.99
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