Taryn’s Haunting: A Haunted House Mystery

Taryn’s Haunting: A Haunted House Mystery

Taryn’s Haunting: A Haunted House Mystery

Nicki's inherited a haunted house and she's uncovering secrets she wishes she'd never known...

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About the Book

When Nicki’s best friend passed away and left her the crumbling New England farmstead, she immediately traveled from the moors of Wales to the mountains of New Hampshire. Taryn, a freelance artist known for seeing the past through her camera, had mostly kept to herself and her passing was sudden. Her death left many unanswered questions, but Nicki had no idea just how deep her best friend’s secrets ran until she began sorting through the details of Taryn’s life.

Alone and isolated in the crumbling old house, as Nicki settles Taryn’s final affairs she must also figure out exactly what happened in the last year of Taryn’s life. When she discovers a hidden journal, she finds herself in the middle of a frightening story that will make her reevaluate everything she thought she knew about her friend.

Now, Nicki must unravel the mysteries that followed Taryn as she worked her final job at the abandoned orphanage in Eastern Kentucky. Was something terrorizing her there, threatening her sanity? Did Taryn learn too much about the enigmatic institution’s history? The children were long gone, but were the rooms truly empty? Was her spirit now trying to communicate with Nicki?

Most of all, did something dark and sinister kill Taryn–and is Nicki next?

One thing is for sure, Nicki is not alone in the haunted house she now owns.

Series: Taryn's Camera
Genres: paranormal, suspense, Thriller
Tag: Recommended Books
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