More Tales from Haunted Estill County

More Tales from Haunted Estill County

More Tales from Haunted Estill County

As the rain comes pouring down on Buck Creek, a man slowly goes out of his mind and does something so terrible that the house will never forget it.

A lightning storm brings a sight that shocks a family in Hargett. A woman is paralyzed in fear in her own bed near the Madison County line.

A headless man offers a gift to a poor widow that changes her life. Ghosts from the Civil War haunt a popular soccer field. A little boy just wants to play with those who visit him in Pryse…but he’s been dead for almost a century…

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About the Book

As a follow up to Haunted Estill County, More Tales from Haunted Estill County explores stories of ghosts, demons, witches, vampires, and even Estill County’s own version of Jesse James.

Collected through interviews with local residents all across Estill County, the stories might just make you wonder if the monster under the bed is real. From restless spirits that roam through houses they once inhabited to unimaginable terrors that stalk the woods after dark, will it ever be safe to turn the light off again?

Series: Kentucky Witches, Book 2
Genres: paranormal, true haunting

List Price: 12.00
eBook Price: 2.99
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