Jekyll Island: A Paranormal Mystery

Jekyll Island: A Paranormal Mystery

Jekyll Island: A Paranormal Mystery

Jekyll Island is known for its ghosts, as well as its fascinating history, but now the two are about to take Taryn Magill on a wild ride she’ll never forget!

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About the Book

When your camera can see the past, it’s a history lover’s dream! But sometimes the past should stay buried. The hauntings and ghosts are only the beginning of what Taryn sees!

Jekyll Island: celebrated for its historic hotel, alligators, beaches, wild beauty, a history that stretches back nearly 5 centuries, and its spirits…When artist Taryn Magill is hired to paint two of the hotel’s historic cottages she’s excited at the chance to spend the summer on one of the Atlantic’s most mysterious islands.  The job isn’t quite what she expected, however.

While working with one of the haunted houses, a sinister presence stalks Taryn and grasps her within its ominous shadows. The past has never been more alive. It follows her, taunts her, and threatens her sanity and very life.

A fire consumed most of the hotel more than 100 years ago. The culprit was hanged for his crime, as well as for the murder of his young wife, Rachel. Is it Rachel’s ghost back for vengeance or is it something more ominous that clings to the island and claws its way into Taryn’s camera and dreams?

One thing is for sure–if she makes it out of THIS place alive, Taryn will never be the same!

Series: Taryn's Camera, Book 5
Genres: paranormal, suspense, Thriller
ISBN: 0692547630

List Price: 14.99
eBook Price: 2.99
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