Bloody Moor: A Ghost Story

Bloody Moor: A Ghost Story

Bloody Moor: A Ghost Story

A crumbling mansion, dozens of unsolved murders, and a King Arthur mystery. This is one haunted house Taryn will never forget!

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About the Book

The astrologer told her that her destiny awaited in Wales. She should have known the ghosts were waiting, too.

Taryn’s latest assignment has her traveling to the haunted Welsh mansion that supposedly once housed the Holy Grail. These days, however, the formerly grand home is crumbling around her and the cantankerous caretaker is not pleased to meet Taryn–especially since her camera is revealing parts of the house’s torrid and bloody history that locals would rather forget.

Isolated and lonely on the Irish Sea, she slowly gets to know this isolated home that the people of Lampeter refer to as “The Cursed.” Still, Taryn is nevertheless excited to explore the surrounding countryside and get to know the place of her ancestors. She loves exploring the vast moors, countless rooms, and quaint village down the road. When the mansion’s caretaker winds up dead, however, all eyes are pointing at Taryn.

Even with its torried past, nobody is going to believe that the house is responsible for his death. It’s up to Taryn to prove that history does repeat itself. Will she be able to fight the ghosts, clear her name, and solve the mystery of the house before she becomes the haunted mansion’s next victim?

A traditional ghost story and supernatural suspense thriller.

Advanced reviews are calling it “Wuthering Heights meets The Shining!

Series: Taryn's Camera, Book 8
Genres: paranormal, suspense, Thriller
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Mistletoe Press
Publication Year: 2017

List Price: 13.99
eBook Price: 2.99
Pure magic.
– Martha Leete, Amazon reviewer
The stories, the characters and the details are amazing. I hate to have the book end. Then I can't wait for the next book to arrive, it just gets better and better!,
– MKQTOY, Amazon reviewer
If you like ghost stories you will like this. The story line remained me of an old twilight zone show years ago of a camera that took pictures of ghost.
– Krysha, Amazon reviewer
If I could give this one 10 stars I would
– Kiva, Amazon reviewer
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