A Summer of Fear: A True Haunting

A Summer of Fear: A True Haunting

A Summer of Fear: A True Haunting

Her dream job just turned into a nightmare.

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About the Book

Feeling emotionally drained, discouraged, and beaten from a past job experience, taking the live-in position at the New Hampshire resort for the summer sounded like the perfect balm for Rebecca’s soul. She figured she’d be able to build up her savings, explore the local area, and bide her time until graduate school started in the fall. She didn’t count on the isolation, loneliness, and horror that awaited her in the two-hundred year old farm house, however.

For at least a month, before the rest of the staff arrived, she’d be alone in the mountains without a soul for miles. With no telephone or form of communication to the outside world at night, she’s understandably nervous.

But,as it turned out, Rebecca was NOT alone after all. Someone or something knew she was there. It watched her, listened to her, and waited. Was it trying to run or off, or was it trying to make her stay?

What happened in the farm house? Was she losing her mind? One thing was for sure: This was a job she would never forget.

Series: True Hauntings, Book 2
Genres: paranormal, true haunting
Publisher: Mistletoe Press

List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 2.99
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